The Importance of Omega-3s

A number of studies have found that Omega-3 fatty acid help maintain the following.

  • Cardiovascular health by lowering cholesterol, plaque buildup in the arteries, and the chance of having a heart attack or stroke
  • Stabilizing blood sugar levels
  • Reducing muscle, joint, and bone pain by lowering inflammation
  • Helping balance cholesterol levels
  • Improving mood and preventing depression
  • Sharpening the mind and helping with concentration and learning
  • Boosting immunity
  • Improving appearance, especially skin health

Omega-3s are found in many foods, namely fatty fish and high-fat plant foods, like avocados, nuts and seeds. Check out this fantastic collection of "20 Recipes Full of Omega-3s" from Bon Appetit. You can also get your Omega-3s by taking a daily supplement like Sockeye Salmon Oil (available in the HRCW clinic). Whatever your preference for getting them, making sure you get enough will be a huge boost to your overall health!