What is the K-Laser Treatment?

Running, skiing, gardening, and the myriad other outdoor activities out our back door are simply quintessential to life in our corner of the world. If you were to ask, most Gorge-dwellers would tell you that proximity to outdoor recreation is one of, if not the main reason why they choose to live here in the first place. The activities we love the most bring us joy, keep us fit and healthy, and help us find our place in the Hood River community. 

On the flip side of the coin, there’s a much higher likelihood for us rowdy recreationalists to be encumbered by injuries or chronic pain. The fact of the matter: no one deserves to have to deal with pain, and we’re pleased to introduce our patients to the K-Laser, a holistic, natural treatment that’s non-invasive and does not involve painkillers.

How the K-Laser Works

We were, admittedly, a little hesitant to integrate the K-Laser into our traditional care and treatment offerings simply because it seemed too good to be true. But this state-of-the-art Class IV laser therapy has the ability to penetrate tissue and kickstart healing on a cellular level. Some of our patients that have a history of chronic pain have even been able to return to their normal activities experiencing little to no pain. We’ve been blown away. 

In the past decade, advancements in light energy technology have come so far. K-Laser, also known as High Power Laser Therapy, adds to this already rapidly-growing treatment method. With the small wand, we’re able to send specific wavelengths of light into damaged tissue and accelerate the healing process. So instead of overriding the body’s natural healing capabilities, we’re enhancing them. 

What the K-Laser Can Treat

Research has found that a K-Laser helps to accelerate wound healing as well as reducing pain, stiffness, swelling, and spasms. There’s no limit to the cell types it can treat—damaged soft tissue, ligaments, cartilage, and nerves are all excellent candidates. From chronic back and neck pain, bunion pains, headaches and sinus troubles, and even pain and soreness from car accidents and bike/ski crashes, we’ve seen the K-Laser provide relief and truly help the healing process. 

The best part: we can do the treatments in our office—each session takes anywhere from 30 seconds to nine minutes and most patients tell us they experience a warm, relaxing sensation and generally experience no side effects or recovery period after a session. 

Implementing a new treatment into your wellness regimen can be intimidating. Please get in touch with us to get more information and determine if you could benefit from a treatment. For more updates from the HRC office, catch us on Facebook and keep an eye out for upcoming free events!