Meet Our People: Ashlynn Olmstead

Looking for Ashlynn? If she’s not using massage to heal and better the lives of those around her, you can find her galavanting around the hills of Hood River on a bike, skis, or on two feet accompanied by her four-legged companions. This Gorge native is a friendly and recognizable face—she’s a definitive staple of our community and we couldn’t be more pleased to have her join our growing team.
Fresh out of massage therapy school in Bellingham, Washington, Ashlynn isn’t just a skilled massage therapist, but she’s also deeply immersed in myriad activities that her clients enjoy as well. So when someone comes to her with a climbing injury, stiffness from biking or kiting, she knows just what to do. Her empathy for people’s ailments—when matched with her passionate drive to learn more and deepen her knowledge—contributes to her natural skills. Want to see for yourself? Book an appointment with her today!
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Tell us a little about your journey—when did you realize you wanted to be a massage therapist? How did you end up back in Hood River?

 Becoming a massage therapist was something I thought about towards the end of high school. College wasn’t on my mind and I wanted to learn a trade—I put off any type of schooling for a year or two to travel to see what type of career I wanted to invest myself in. At the end of a three-month trip to Europe, I knew that I was ready to go learn. Massage and the health field was still on my mind so I started school a month after I got home.


What’s one major misconception about massage? 

One session isn’t going to do much. A “fluff and buff” (in which the only goal is to relax) is beneficial, but not so much in the long term. I think the real benefits of massage come into play when you give it time and create the correct treatment plan. The majority of people have stress and tension in their daily life; it’s often the cause of common complaint for people. Those symptoms will temporarily go away after one session, but the best way to address them is with a long-term plan.

What’s the greatest benefit of massage? How can patients’ lives improve in surprising ways with the right treatment?

Massage can heal people and it only takes an hour to hour and half of personal self-care time to get you a few steps closer to feeling better. I think chronic pain, sickness, disease, and injuries are commonly directed towards medication and surgery. Sometimes those things are needed, but simple to extreme circumstances in a human body can change through massage and other holistic approaches. With the right treatment plan, time, and deeper intentions for self-care, a patient's life can change dramatically. 

Do you have further education plans? More modalities you’d like to explore?

Yes, I want to get deeper into sports massage, cupping, Kinesio taping, and incorporating more stretching into my practice. 

What’s your favorite post-work Gorge activity?

I tend to bike and trail run after work, but I like to do all the sports the gorge has to offer. It’s hard to have a favorite!


If you could pack up and hit the road today, where would you go?

Somewhere hot, tropical, and a place I can bring my dog. That sounds like a dream come true! 

Interested in scheduling an appointment with the determined and adventurous Ashlynn? Get in touch with us today. For more updates on her and weekly tips and advice for happier, more healthful living, catch us on Facebook. We’ll see you out there!