Meet Our People: Joleen Wampler-Kendall

After a lifetime of exploring the trails that spangle the hills and valleys of Hood River and over a decade of owning her own massage therapy practice, we’re delighted to have this Columbia River Gorge native join our team. Her boundless knowledge of massage and compassion for people of all types and ailments has made an immediate impact around our office—one that grows each day.

But perhaps what we admire most about Joleen is the way her convictions about massage intersect her love of our community. She’ll openly share that her career in massage therapy is her way of making the world a better, more positive place. Thanks to her and the other passionate folks that make up Hood River Chiropractic, this is a compass that we use to guide our daily happenings as well.

If you find yourself as compelled by Joleen’s outlook and zest for life as we are, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with her today, and read on for more!

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Tell us a little about your background

I am beyond grateful to be born and raised here in the beautiful Hood River Valley. I am a fourth generation local, and a graduate of Hood River Valley High School. After that, I studied health education at Western Oregon University, and continued on to Ashmead College of Massage to receive my LMT license. For curiosity’s sake, I also studied flight school with Horizon Air!


What sparked your love of massage and how has it grown?

I have always been fascinated by the mechanics of the human body and interested in all healing modalities. I have always used massage and chiropractic treatments for my personal preventive care or when I’m dealing with muscle overuse issues and I’ve always felt immensely better after a treatment. I absolutely love massage therapy and wanted to take help others experience what I have.

On my journey to becoming a professional, I discovered my fascination with the power of touch in a safe, natural organic way—a powerful (and ancient) tool we can all benefit from. It's wonderful I am able to work on everyone from all ages and genders. No one is left out.

Above all, I love that my work is like reading braille. I can read muscles through touch and feel. From there, I address overworked, tight muscles and create range of motion in hopes of decreasing pain. Most importantly, I love my work because I aspire to help patients feel better nearly immediately. Everyone's story is different. A career built on helping others feel better mentally, emotionally, and physically is rewarding and makes me feel good that I am able to contribute to our world.

Why do you believe in Hood River Chiropractic?

I am so beyond grateful to be working with my favorite team in the gorge. Combining everyone's knowledge enables us to achieve positive results in patients’ wellbeing. The entire team is so kind, positive, and intelligent, and I truly think we have some of the best doctors and therapists in the gorge.


What your favorite post-work activity?

I love most activities the gorge has to offer, especially with my two boys and lovely husband. I enjoy archery, reeling in big fish, skiing, swimming, paddleboarding, martial arts, hiking, biking and, of course, relaxing.

Every day when I see the mountains of the valley, and the massive river slicing through the Gorge, I always gasp. It’s like it's my first time visiting. I have too many favorite trails. The entire valley is my paradise.

Interested in scheduling an appointment with the curious, inclusive, and equally as talented Joleen Wampler-Kendall, LMT? Get in touch with us today. For more updates on Joleen and weekly tips and advice for happier, more healthful living, catch us on Facebook. We’ll see you out there!