Meet our People: Rachael Lentz, LMT

This newest member of our team has made tracks all over the North American continent before alighting in our corner of the Pacific Northwest. She’s been a desert dweller, a tropics traveler, and everything in between, but one constant has endured through it all: her fierce dedication and drive to learning everything she possibly can about massage.

We couldn’t be happier that Rachael has set roots in Hood River and joined our growing and diversifying team at Hood River Chiropractic, not only because she’s an incredible asset, but because she has a fascinating story. We hope you enjoy getting to know Rachael as much as we have, not only as a sharp professional, but also as the motivated adventurer and colorful personality that has become a true asset to our team.

This is the second in our ‘Meet our People’ series, once you’ve met Rachael, take a minute to meet Sissel!

Rumor has it you hail from the Wild West?

Yep! I was born and raised in Whitefish, Montana.

What was next for you?

I attended massage school at the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy in Playa Samara, Costa Rica. The program there was intensive and top notch, and I was able to surf during lunch breaks and on weekends!

How did you come to find massage as a career choice?

My mom played a big part in my interest in massage. She gave me back rubs every night and it was my favorite thing! I love being able to share that with people. That I can pair that with my enduring fascination with health and the human body is a huge plus—talk about a lifetime of learning!

What’s one major misconception you’ve noticed when it comes to people’s perception of massage?

People often think that they can be ‘cured’ of their aches and pains in one session. In reality, it can take multiple sessions over a period of time in addition to active self care. For true healing to take place, this should include stretching, strengthening, and stabilizing your muscles, getting enough cardio, a healthy diet, and managing your stress levels.

What do you see as the greatest benefit of regular massage? How often should a patient visit you?

I’d have to say one of the greatest benefits is the stress relief it provides. Our lives are so hectic these days, and not only does stress manifest as muscle pain, it also causes the body to release harmful hormones which in turn affect all other body systems. This can cause sickness, depression, lack of energy, and much more.  Taking time to breathe, slow down, and ground your body and mind is endlessly beneficial to health and wellness. 

As far as how often a patient should see me, that can vary greatly from case to case, anywhere from one or two sessions in total, to multiple massages a week for an extended period of time. Recognizing the uniqueness of each body and its story is essential to this profession.

What do you love most about your work?

I love witnessing progress in my clients, and watching their quality of life improve. People become so accustomed to their aches and pains that they begin to think it’s ‘just the way it is,’ when it really doesn’t have to be. If you put in the work and are proactive about taking care of your body, you can live a comfortable, pain free life.

What’s type of massage interests you the most?

I really enjoy working with athletes and sports related injuries. As a very active person myself, I’m familiar with many common injuries and types of muscle soreness that come hand in hand with outdoor play. I’m very interested in learning more about Thai Massage at the moment, though—it’s such a unique form of massage, and I love how it combines stretching with muscle manipulation.

What do you do with your free time?

I moved to the Gorge for all the outdoor activities it has to offer—though kiteboarding has always been at the forefront of that list. I spent a few winters kiting in Mexico, and followed the wind here. I started skiing when I was two or three years old, so in the winter you can find me on the mountain. If it’s not windy or snowy, I love hiking, surfing, and travelling!

So, important question: what’s your favorite local watering hole?

That’s a tough one! Hood River has so many amazing options for food and drink. It’s a great town for a beer lover like me! Pfreim is probably my favorite brewery here, and I’m a huge fan of the pizza they serve up at Solstice.


You’ve traveled most of the western hemisphere—what’s next on your worldly bucket list?

Anywhere tropical with warm, flat water and steady wind for kiteboarding! Currently I have my sights set on Sri Lanka, and am hoping to plan a trip there sometime next fall!

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