Meet Our People: Roman Pervushin, LMT

We truly admire Roman. That's because his convictions about holistic wellness guide everything he does here at Hood River Chiropractic, and they follow him out the door. He's the kind of guy that aspires to practice what he preaches. Not only has he been a full-time massage practitioner for over 15 years, he also holds a Masters degree in spiritual psychology. Further, he studied the Japanese martial art of Aikido and enjoys yoga and practices meditation. Modern science continues to uncover the strong correlation between physical and mental health, and with each passing day it’s all the more obvious that Roman resides ahead of the curve. 

His deliberate, mindful way of living is one to truly admire and we’re so glad to have him as a core member of our practice. If you find yourself as inspired as we are, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with him today.

This is the third piece in our ‘Meet and Greet’ series—be sure to take a moment to meet Dr. Sissel Holloway, Rachael Lentz, LMT, and Chelsea Bronder, LMT while you’re here!

Tell us a little about your background:

I was born and raised in Leningrad, USSR, which is now St. Petersburg, Russia (the city's name reverted back to its original after the fall of the Berlin Wall and dissolution of the Soviet Union). It is one of the cultural jewels of Europe. It was founded by Peter the Great and became "a window to Europe" for Russia of the 18th century.

What was your journey like—did you always want to study massage?

My interest in massage was more of an unexpected discovery that I stumbled upon when I decided to pursue my quest for self-knowledge and learn about what my body was made of; what made it tick. I enjoyed studying anatomy and physiology in massage school, and I felt an immediate satisfaction with the hands-on nature of the work and the huge potential for elevating quality of life for so many. It was kind of magical to me. I also felt impressed and excited to discover the medicinal potential of massage. The techniques are numerous and results can be very profound. I predict that I’ll forever be refining my understanding and skill.

What’s one major misconception about massage?

Although it is rapidly changing, one major lingering misconception is that massage is only skin deep—"just a rub"—so to speak. In reality, massage is a holistic experience that has an effect on your muscles, your nervous system, your immune system, and also on your emotional and mental state. 

What’s the greatest benefit of massage? How often should a patient visit you?

I will echo many of my colleagues in the field and say that frequency is a very individual decision that depends on your particular situation.  Compare a 50-year-old person recovering from a heart surgery to a 26-year-old getting ready for a marathon to a person who is on a vacation—all massage recommendations would differ greatly with respect to intensity, frequency, and style of massage.


What’s your favorite post-work Gorge activity?

I like to garden and landscape, go fishing occasionally, mushroom hunt in the fall, play soccer, do yoga, contemplate and have philosophical conversation.

If you could pack up and take an exotic vacation today, where would you go?

Barcelona, Spain. I’d love to go to a Barcelona soccer game, to see Gaudi's architecture, and simply walk the streets and breathe the air of ancient history.

Interested in scheduling an appointment with the mindful, passionate, and equally as talented Roman Pervushin, LMT? Get in touch with us today. For more updates on Roman and weekly tips and advice for happier, more healthful living, catch us on Facebook. We’ll see you out there!