Meet our People: Dr. Sissel Holloway

If there’s anyone who was poised to choose almost any career she wanted, it was Sissel Holloway. This artist, traveler, and once-professional athlete seems to us to be a perpetual wonderer—one of the most solid foundations for any profession, but most particularly (in our difinitively biased opinion) as a chiropractor. 

We’re thankful to have Dr. Sissel Holloway as a part of our small team at Hood River Chiropractic, and we’re pleased to be able to introduce you to this motivated and passionate doctor. We caught up with Sissel for a little Q & A about her beginnings, her drive to become a chiropractor, and her passions outside of the office.

This is the first in our Meet our People series, check back next month to meet Rachel!

Sissel topping out on Munra Point in the sun

Sissel topping out on Munra Point in the sun

Tell us a bit about where you’re from! 

Dr. Sissel Holloway: I was born in a small town in Denmark called Svendborg to a danish mother and an american father. Then, when I was four, my family and I moved back to the site where my parents first met—St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. I spend my sunny childhood on the beautiful, tropical island and graduated from the local high school. 

What was next for you?

I have my BS in Sports Biology and a minor in Fine Arts from Springfield College in Springfield, MA. Then I moved to the PNW and simultaneously did my Doctorate in Chiropractic and Masters in Sports Medicine in Portland at the University of Western States

Did you discover your interest in chiropractic care in college? Or did you know before then?

I’ve always loved soccer and in high school, I was able to represent the US Virgin Islands in the international arena. During my soccer career we always had a traveling sports chiropractor with us. Unfortunately, I ruptured my ACL and meniscus during my senior season which led straight to surgery. 

Between meds, PT, and everything in between, I got the most relief—both pre and post surgery—from visits to my chiropractor. I have always had a better relationship with my chiropractor versus my primary care physician. 

When I began to consider career paths, it felt natural. Chiropractic work is so hands on and doctors are able to build a strong relationships with their patients. I love that. 

What’s one major misconception about chiropractic care that you’ve noticed?

That we only adjust the spine! In chiropractic school we are taught to adjust every joint in the body. As a sports chiropractor, extremity adjusting is a great tool for increasing range of movement and reducing pain for sports related injuries. 

What do you love most about your work?

I can make an impact on someone else’s life through movement, and I know first hand how valuable that is! 

If there’s any rewarding place to help improve my community, it’s definitely Hood River. The culture here is active and healthful, not to mention extremely friendly. It reminds me of the islands. 

What do you do with your free time?

I paint and draw abstract anatomical artwork. My medium varies between wood burning,  graphite, and acrylic. 

I’m also very involved in the ultra-endurance trail running scene. I’ve competed in a number of races—my favorites were the Volcanic 50 in which we circumnavigate Mt. St. Helens and the Mt. Hood 50k. The joy of being outside and running, backpacking, and summiting mountains is what makes me fall in love with the Pacific Northwest more every day.

You’ve been a local for a while now, what’s your favorite watering hole? 

Kickstand Coffee & Kitchen is definitely my favorite. They have a great balance of beer, activities, food, coffee. and parties.

If you could leave today on your dream vacation, where you go?

I would love to go backpacking in Switzerland.

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