3 Supplements You Should Be Taking This Winter

The snow is finally starting to dust the top of Underwood (a lovely sight we can see from our office) as the holidays fade into the rearview, and—finally!—our days start to get a bit longer. During a long, misty Columbia River Gorge winter, taking some time to check in with yourself, eat nourishing food, and perhaps book yourself a massage can seriously help to keep spirits lifted as the inversion somehow seems to creep lower and lower to the ground.

Another wellness practice we highly recommend: supplements. While they’re no substitute for prescription medicine, supplements can be incredibly effective in filling in gaps in your diet and enhancing your health—something that invariably is more vulnerable to illness in the cold winter months.

Below, we’ve comprised our list of the top three supplements we’re taking and recommending to boost immune systems, and stand in for some of the vitamins and minerals that are naturally lacking during this time. 

Bonus: we carry all three supplements in the Hood River Chiropractic office on the waterfront. Swing in, say hello, and grab your supplement of choice!

Vitamin D


If there’s something we can count on in a Pacific Northwest winter, it’s that we’re pretty unlikely to get a tan. As the sun retreats further behind a thick blanket of clouds, our chances of catching that ever-important Vitamin D lessen. 

Best known for the positive impact it has on moods, Vitamin D is a critical part of our physical health as well. When taken with calcium, it helps to prevent fractures and bone loss in elderly, and works against osteoporosis, making it a critical part of everyone's diet.

As the flu once again rears its ugly head, Vitamin D plays a major part in protection and prevention—thanks to its ability to increase macrophage phagocytosis, it can boost your immune system and keep you on your feet. Likewise, it has been known to combat S.A.D. or, seasonal affective disorder—that feeling of tiredness and lethargy in winter. 

In short, this one is tops! Swing into our office to learn more about Vitamin D and grab yourself Liqua-D Vitamin Drops and Thorne Calcium Citramate which helps to increase absorption!



As mentioned above, it’s flu season. Not only that, the CDC just announced that the flu has become an epidemic in the United States this year, and Oregon has been hit especially hard. Though there are no better foolproof methods to steering clear than washing your hands and steering clear of those affected, elderberry supplements can be a cost effective, efficient, and safe way of helping. And, if you find yourself suffering from the flu, it has been known to shorten the duration of Influenza A and B. 

The antioxidant properties of elderberry is known to boost the immune system as well as improve respiratory health—the bioflavonoid properties reduce phlegm production and decrease inflammation. 

We highly recommend weaving elderberry into your daily winter routine, and we have just the thing you’ll need! Visit us to purchase Anthoimmune Elderberry Syrup.

Fish Oil


Though the flu and lack of sun converge to throw the greatest wrenches in our health and wellness in winter, dry skin conditions—while less of a pressing issue—can still be annoying. Common dry skin conditions include dandruff, eczema, and psoriasis. The anti-inflammatory properties like the omega-3 of fish oil can nourish and moisturize skin and hair cells from the inside out.

So skip the myriad bottles of conditioner and lotions and come into our office to grab yourself VitalChoice Sockeye Salmon Oil and Wiley’s Finest Wild Alaskan Fish Oil for kids.

As always, health and wellness is about the whole person—chiropractic care, exercise, and massage therapy are also excellent tools to keep you feeling in top shape even when the temperature drops and the clouds move in. Want to schedule an appointment with one of our top-of-the-line wellness experts? Get in touch with us today. For more updates on the goings on around our office, catch us on Facebook and keep an eye out for upcoming free events!