The Mamalates Method

Prenatal Fitness & Birth Recovery for Mom + Baby
Mamalates is an OB/GYN endorsed perinatal exercise method that helps new mamas reclaim fitness in a safe, holistic fashion

Modify: Reimagine fitness in your new postpartum body
Align: Get shoulders, ribs, and pelvis back in place

Connect: Reawaken your core
Stabilize: There is strength and efficiency in stability

The Details

Back in the fall 2018

Hood River Chiropractic & Wellness

Classes taught by Chelsea Bronder, LMT & certified mamalates instructor

Bring your pre crawling baby or come solo. Even if you’re weeks, months, or years postpartum, this is the first fitness class you should take after your birth.

"The Mamalates Mom + Babe program allows new moms to focus on reorganizing the pelvic floor and abdominals where muscles are stretched and often injured during delivery. This program can not only help prevent [myriad future ailments], but allows moms to start feeling back in touch with their bodies without having to give up time with their infants.”

Dr. Lara Williams OB/GYN
Every Woman's Health, Portland, OR